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Electrical adaptors for Australia
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Travel Adaptors for Australia

With so much travelling to be done, you’ll want to make sure your gadgets and gizmos have the power to keep you occupied…

  • You will need electrical adaptors for Australia. Buy them online before you travel or at the airport.
  • Remember that adaptors only enable the plug to fit a differently shaped socket – they don’t change the voltage of the socket itself.
  • Voltages in Australia and the UK are the same, but if you’re carrying electronics from the US or Canada (where voltages are much lower) you’ll need additional kit to be able to use them in Australia or the UK without damaging them (see sidebar).
  • You can find a by-country breakdown of plug types and voltages here.

Avoiding Electric Shocks

If you’ve bought electrical goods on your stopover flight to Australia, bear in mind you may need an adaptor to use them in Australia – and another to use them back in the UK.

Singapore, Hong Kong and the UAE all use UK style plugs (although the UAE also uses other types).

China uses the same plug type as Australia.

In general, voltages in stopover destinations in the Far East and Middle East, and in Australia, are compatible with the UK (although Vietnam and South Korea are still in the process of being standardized, so older hotels may still operate on 110V).

North American appliances operate on less than half the standard UK voltage, so if you buy an appliance there, you’ll need a transformer to allow you to use it anywhere else.

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