New South Wales

Skyline at Night, Sydney.  Photo credit: Robert Wallace; Destination NSW

New South Wales Destinations

From wine country to outback mining towns; lush national parks to world famous beaches. And to top it all? One of the world’s greatest cities. Doing everything New South Wales has to offer could take a lifetime.

Best get started.


Map of New South Wales Australia

Map of New South Wales Australia


Magnificent, postcard Australia: the Opera House, Bondi Beach, the Harbour Bridge. Yet in the state capital, they’re just the beginning…

Blue Mountains
Staggering beauty, made all the more captivating by the haze of blue eucalyptus oil in the air.

Country New South Wales
Stunning landscapes. Charming towns. Discover another Australia in and around the national parks of Country NSW.

Hunter Valley
Tour a landscape devoted to wine, then sample the best of it in the restaurants and bars of bustling Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Lord Howe Island
Plants and animals you’ll find nowhere else on earth, and scuba diving and snorkelling in the waters of the world’s most southerly reef.

North Coast NSW
Pristine beaches and cultured coastal towns line the route from Sydney to Brisbane. Prepare for the ultimate road trip.

Outback NSW
Aboriginal art, gold prospecting and striking natural beauty. Follow the Darling River and get to know the land and locals of ‘Corner Country’.

Snowy Mountains
Skiers and snowboarders love “The Snowies”, but don’t think they’re a winter-only venue. The World Heritage listed Kosciuszko National Park is gorgeous all year round.

South Coast NSW
The perfect year-round destination with an idyllic climate, beaches and national parks.

Want to explore a little quicker?  Hire a car…

New South Wales?

It was Captain Cook who gave New South Wales its name.

He had, as far as we know, no connection with Wales, and no one knows whether he meant this to be a new South Wales (in which case, what was wrong with the north?) or a new Wales in the southern hemisphere.

In fact, no one knows why he chose to liken it to any part of Wales at all.

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