... and the tropics

Cliffs near Head of Bight, Nullarbor Plain, Eyre Peninsualr, SA.  Photo credit: Greg Snell/South Australian Tourism Commission

Australian seasons

Southern Hemisphere seasons are the reverse of their northern counterparts.

  •   Spring: September to November
  •   Summer: December to February
  •   Autumn: March to May
  •   Winter: June to August

The tropics

If you’re in the north of the country (above the Tropic of Capricorn) you’re in the tropics and usual rules no longer apply. Here you’ll have a wet season (Nov–Apr) and dry season (May–Oct). Both can be punishingly hot, but the dry season is far less humid and driving conditions are much better.

If you’re heading north, we’d recommend going in the dry.

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Christmas On The Beach

Of all the traditional holidays, none is transformed by Australia’s seasons quite like Christmas.

25 December falls at the height of summer. The Christmas trees, Santas, baubles and lights will all be as expected. It’s just that you’ll be enjoying them beneath blue skies in baking temperatures.

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