Originally started by Saxon Templeman and 30 Summers #Travchat was created specifically for people living in the Australia/New Zealand time zones as the online chats always seemed to fall between midnight and 8 am when they were unable to join in.  So on 20 May 2015 #ANZtravelchat was launched out into cyberspace.

The chat grew, but oddly most of the traffic was coming from Europe so in January 2016 #ANZtravelchat morphed into #tTravchat.

#Travchat has now shifted continents, hemispheres and owners as it now has a new home in the UK with GlobalGrapevine.  We hope to not just nurture it but ensure that it grows and blossoms and we think that #Travchat (the friendliest chat on Twitter), couldn’t be in a better pair of hands but we are a bit biased


How #Travchat works.


Each week there will be different topics.

Some weeks there may also be other Guest Hosts or Topic Experts for specific chats.

Each week we will pose six questions which we’ll post here the day before the chat and will be tweeted at intervals during the chat.

To join the conversation simply use the Hashtag #Travchat and share your feedback, observations, photos and comments. These will then appear in the Chat stream.

Each of our six questions will be tweeted out with the prefix: Q1, Q2… Q6 etc. To answer simply begin your tweet with A1, A2… A6 etc.

Click this link to find out what time 10-30am (GMT) Wednesday is in your city.

  • LONDON – 10-30am (Wednesday)
  • SYDNEY– 9-30pm (Wednesday)
  • HONG KONG– 5-30pm (Wednesday)


So, anyone who is up for a catch up with possibly the friendliest gang on twitter come and say ‘Hi’ and join the best conversation and share your good~and not so good travellers tales.

We chat for about an hour officially although we aim to hang around much of the day and chat longer.

We’d love to hear what you have to say, hear about your experiences and maybe see a few of your photos.

Come and join us and join in~we’d love to meet you!


Any questions? Just get in touch here.

And if you get tired waiting for Wednesdays just drop by our #Travchat Facebook Group. Come join in the conversation and community on Facebook between our chats.  Looking forward to it already!


This week on #Travchat.








As it will be World Water Day on 22 March we thought that there would be no better time to have a conversation about water.  The tragedy this week where a young whale was washed up on a beach in the Philippines with 40 kg of plastic in its stomach brings into sharp focus what we’re doing to our planet.  We simply cannot carry on with the status quo.

We have a mixed bag of questions this week, some about how we feel about our planet as well as a few where we’d love to see your images of the beautiful place we inhabit.

We’ve also been able to secure a 15%  discount from Water-to-Go  on any of their standard bottles (not those specifically for charity)~simply add GGV15 at the checkout to receive your discount. We also asked them to field a couple of questions~I’m sure that you’ll be able to guess which ones!  To be fair we did ask if any of our followers had any burning questions to ask but no-one responded; I guess that you think that we can manage just fine.

Check out their website too for some interesting blogs and updates on one of their ambassadors Ash Dykes who is currently walking the length of the Yangtze River in China. And if you haven’t heard of him https://www.ashdykes.com/

We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say and catching up with you all again.


Q1 We hear daily about the amount of plastic filling our oceans and the impact it’s having on marine life, do you take extra care these days to reduce the amount of plastic that you use when you’re travelling? And if so what do you do? #travchat



Q2 Has there been a visible change/shift in people’s attitude towards our oceans and water courses? #travchat



Q 3 Water can be calm or it can be powerful. Which do you prefer? Share a photo if you can. #travchat



Q4 Are travel/tourism operators doing enough to ensure everyone has safe drinking water on their trips whilst also being wary of their effect on the planet? #travchat



Q5 You can choose to travel to any watery destination~money no object. Where Are you heading~or have you been already? And let’s see your photos! #travchat



Q6 Share an image of your favourite river, lake or ocean #travchat