Essential Planning Tips

Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot, Fleurieu Peninsula, SA.  Photo credit: Graham Scheer/South Australian Tourism Commission


Essential Planning

They’re the details that will ensure you can actually get into Australia; the details that will let you stay as long as you want, go where you want and do what you want.

There’s an amazing experience awaiting you in Oz. It’ll be even better if you plan properly.

Where are you going?
Have you taken the time to get excited? Has the sheer scale of the place sunk in yet? If that bit’s passed you by, take a look at this and get inspired.

How will you get there?
When it comes to getting into Australia, different rules apply depending on how you plan to enter the country. A flight from the UK is simple enough, but if you’ve been meandering towards the Antipodes through other countries you may need:

•    Additional visas for the countries you’re travelling through
•    Additional health insurance requirements
•    Specific vaccination requirements (and you’ll need evidence that you’ve been vaccinated to enter Australia)

Plan your journey
Planning everything from your visa to your vaccinations is what this section’s all about:


Know Your Oz

Google ‘Australia’
Not excited enough? Google ‘Australia’ images. Have a browse. Now are you excited?

Stats obsessive?
Want to know the likelihood of being caught in a bushfire? Mineral resources? Sea floor mapping? The Australian Geoscience site has all the info to turn you into a geography teacher. Unless you already are one.

Australia is home to the largest living thing on earth: the Great Barrier Reef.

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