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Tasmania Maria Island Painted Cliffs.  Photo credit: Alice Hansen/Tourism Tasmania. All rights reserved


1.   What do we collect and why?

We don’t collect much information about you – but we do collect some, particularly when you want to contribute to Global Grapevine. Here’s why:

  • To enable you to share your experiences in blogs or forums
  • Because from time to time we may wish to contact you with something we think will interest you
  • To run the occasional competition and enable us to contact the winner(s)
  • To personalise your Global Grapevine experience

2.   Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that allow a website to remember things about you and your preferences. Most websites use cookies to remember, for example, your log in details or what you bought on your last visit.

Some cookies are used only for the duration of your visit (session cookies), some stay on your device and help make using a website faster or easier (permanent cookies) and some will be third party cookies, used by product or service providers or advertisers to track performance.

We use cookies of all the above types that:

  • Help you use the site and provide a more personalised experience
  • Help us recognise your device so you don’t have to provide information to us repeatedly
  • Record what you and others like and don’t like about the website – so we can keep improving it
  • Help deliver advertising and marketing messages tailored to your preferences
  • Provide performance data to third party providers of services or products
  • Keep the site working effectively

Handling cookies

The process varies from browser to browser (ie Internet Explorer differs from Chrome which differs from Firefox) but you will be able to change the way your device handles cookies by amending your browser settings.

You will have the choice of accepting all cookies, being notified when a cookie is about to be issued, or refusing all cookies. If you choose not to receive cookies you may not be able to access certain services and the website may not function properly.

You can also delete all cookies from your device. For more, consult the ‘Help’ section of your browser.

3.   Respecting your privacy

Global Grapevine is all about sharing your travel experiences, but sometimes one person’s ‘sharing’ can be another’s invasion of privacy. If you’re unhappy that information about you appears somewhere on our site please tell us. We’ll remove it as soon as we reasonably can.

Contributors: Please respect privacy rights. Just because a friend/colleague/partner is in your travelling party, doesn’t mean you have the right to publish anything about them without their knowledge and consent.

4.   Security

We take the security of the information we hold very seriously – and have measures in place to protect it effectively.

5.   Sharing your information

We don’t share any of the information we collect with anyone else. For advertisers, or third party suppliers of products or services, please see their respective terms and conditions.

6.   Complaints, comments and corrections

If you feel we’ve said/done/got something wrong please tell us.

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