Working In Australia

It's all about the three ex’s...

Perth, WA.  Photo credit: Copyright Tourism Western Australia

Working in Australia

Working in Australia is all about the three ex’s: experience, expectations and execution. If you have the first, can manage the second and have done your research to take care of the third, you should be fine.

If not, there are a few things you need to know…


Whether you’re planning to State hop from bar job to bar job, or you’re hoping to find something more long term, there’s no substitute for having experience – and the portfolio or references to prove it.

Maximise your chances before you travel by gaining some experience in the area in which you hope to work. Whether it’s office work or a bar job, showing you’ve had the drive to get out there and do it counts.

Unless you’re phenomenally lucky you’re unlikely to walk into a job on day one. Expect to have to travel. Expect to have to spend some time following up leads. Expect to have to do more to win a job than simply turn up.

You can maximise your chances by applying some strategy to your job hunt.

  • Play to your experience
  • Select locations where your experience is most likely to be valued
  • Be prepared to go off the beaten track. You’ll stand more chance of success if you’re willing to look beyond Melbourne, Sydney and Surfers Paradise.
  • Do your prep – you’ll find more on what you’ll need in Jobs in Australia
  • Research any prospective employer. Doing your homework helps you personalise your application and your interview – it shows them you’re interested


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