Western Australia Destinations

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, WA.  Photo credit: Copyright Tourism Western Australia

Western Australia Destinations

Australia’s largest state has wonders to match its size. From shipwrecks to natural treasures; from the energy of Perth to the walking trails and historical sites, experience adventure on a different scale in WA.


Map of Western Australia

Map of Western Australia

Australia’s most westerly state capital is bustling, cosmopolitan and independent in spirit. Explore the parks, culture and attractions of Australia’s ‘Cinderella City’.

Around Perth: Coast to Country
Big science, big sand dunes, big forests and big vineyards. From the coast to the country, from the sky to the sea, adventure awaits.

Around Perth: Eastern Region
This is walking, camping and cycling country. With 10 of Western Australia’s top trails, not to mention fine vineyards and gourmet food, pack your rucksack and loosen your belt…

Around Perth: Fremantle
Discover a buzzing mix of history, arts, culture and cafés that’s easy to explore – and easy to enjoy.

Around Perth: Sunset Coast
19 white, sandy beaches and an ocean of exploration for divers and snorkellers. Feel the warm hug of the Sunset Coast – and relax…

Australia’s Coral Coast
The local aboriginal tribes have lived in this land of reefs, gorges and caves for more than 45,000 years. Yet compared to the area’s oldest residents, they’ve only just arrived. Discover a new scale of history in the natural wonders of Australia’s Coral Coast.

Australia’s Golden Outback
It’s the colour of the beaches of Esperance. It’s the glowing wheat fields of Merredin and Hyden. And it’s the precious metal they pull out of the ground in vast quantities. On it and in it, there’s gold in this part of the outback.

Australia’s North West
Lose yourself in a land of history and natural wonder, with fewer people per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world.

Australia’s South West
Whale and dolphin watching, caving, tree walks, fine wines and wreck-diving await. South of Perth, find a region of exhilaration.

Rottnest Island
It’s been many things in its time: aboriginal prison, boys’ reformatory and internment camp during both World Wars. Today, it’s an A-class reserve of 63 beaches, 20 bays and glorious peace.


Think BIG...

So just how big is Western Australia?

At 2,645,615 km², it’s 4 times the size of France and 11 times the size of the UK.

If it were a country in its own right, Australia’s largest state would be the world’s 10th largest country.

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