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Australia. Strewth.

Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland.  Photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Australia Is Big

You knew that already, but knowing it is a very different thing to experiencing it. Explore Australia and you discover a different scale of big, a place where distances get an extra nought on the end and are still considered just around the corner.

Mind you, all that space is filled with land like nothing else on Earth. Where wildlife, history and adventure conform to their own Aussie rules. Where the wild, ancient and mysterious rubs shoulders with the just plain weird.

This is a place worth exploring.

And you’ll find all the help you need here. Explore Australia with Global Grapevine.

New South Wales Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens and Opera House

New South Wales Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens and Opera House. Photo credit: Hamilton Lund.

How big?!

Shuffle them around a bit and you could place every European country inside Australia with room to spare. All of them. Even Albania.

Drive from Perth to Adelaide (the next major city heading east) and you’ll drive over 1,500 miles. That’s the equivalent of leaving London and not finding another major city until you reach Moscow.


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