How big is Australia?

Quokka, Rottnest Island, WA.  Photo credit: Copyright Tourism Western Australia


We’ll say it time and again throughout this site: Australia is BIG. And no matter how many times you’re told it, nothing quite prepares you…

How big is Australia? The facts:

  • In area, it’s the world’s 6th largest country
  • It’s 30 times bigger than the UK
  • It’s roughly 3700km from north to south and around 4000km from east to west
  • It’s considered to be the world’s largest island

But really, those stats hardly do it justice. So consider this:

Perth and Brisbane are roughly 4000km apart. That’s the same distance that separates London and Baghdad.

The world’s longest straight stretch of train track crosses the Nullarbor Plain without a single bend, kink or deviation for 478km. That’s the equivalent of travelling from Edinburgh to the outskirts of London.

In 1993 a Japanese doomsday cult detonated a nuclear device in the Northern Territory. It was 1997 before anyone in Australia noticed.

That’s how big Australia is.

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Where Is Everybody?

Despite its size, Australia has one of the lowest population densities in the world – with around a third of the population of the UK.

The population has been growing rapidly for decades, and the majority of Aussies still settle around the coasts – so the major towns and cities feel busy and bustling.

But head out into Australia’s many wildernesses and you really can find yourself wondering where everybody went.

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