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Skyline at Night, Sydney, NSW.  Photo credit: Robert Wallace; Destination NSW

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A few years ago we were in Cairns looking for some student/seasonal work. We’d managed to secure a little fruit picking but when that ran out so did our options. We made the 1400km(ish) haul back to Brisbane in the hope we’d have better luck. We didn’t – but we did meet a couple of people who told us about some excellent opportunities they’d found… about 20 minutes outside Cairns.

It struck us that, if only there was a place where all this ‘stuff’ could be brought together, we might not have spent quite so much time and money making life difficult for ourselves.

Global Grapevine is the result of our many years spent travelling Australia. We’ve criss-crossed the country countless times. We’ve worked our way from city to city as students and gap year-ers, and then done it all again without the grape picking and pint pulling.  We’ve stayed in hostels where you wouldn’t want to put your bare feet on the floor, and island retreats we didn’t want to leave.

We’d love to say we did it all with the intention of one day starting an Australian travel website. But really we did it because we love exploring Australia. We love the sights. We love the light. We love the ridiculous expanses of nothingness between the good bits. And we love the fact that everything you do, see, taste and touch is so brilliantly different.

That’s why we started an Australian travel website.

Of course, our experiences are one thing. This will only work if you get involved too. So send us your Australian travel blog posts or comment on the ones that are here already. Tell us the best places for a cold beer in St Kilda. Tell us the most outrageously overpriced accommodation you’ve found in Sydney. Tell us what you really think of kangaroo curry.

Travelling is about having a blast.  It’s about touching the world and allowing yourself to be touched by it. We just want to make life a little easier on the way. Enjoy.


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