Tasmania Destinations

Tasmanian Devil, Hobart, Tas.  Photo credit: Holger Leue/Tourism Tasmania. All rights reserved

Tasmania Destinations

Nowhere in Australia is the air as fresh, the food as sumptuous and the landscape as utterly compelling as Tasmania. Explore it. Fall in love with it.

Hobart & Surrounding Area
Tasmania’s capital has a growing reputation with those who appreciate fine food, art and culture. Find it before everyone else does!

East Coast Tasmania
An island hopping, route cycling, trail walking, water sporting coastal adventure.

Tasmania’s second largest city is dominated by the Tamar River and the hugely popular Cataract Gorge.

Tasmania’s North-west Coast
The cleanest air, the finest food, quaint towns and stunning scenery. Like distilled essence of Tasmania.

Tamar & North Tasmania
Australia’s most highly decorated wine region isn’t on the mainland. Explore Tasmania’s Tamar Valley Wine Route, visit over 30 wine producers and find out why.

The Western Wilderness
World Heritage Area. National Treasure. Walk the Overland Track or tour the Cradle Mountain/Lake St. Clair National Park area at a more relaxed pace. But don’t miss one of the most exhilarating landscapes on earth.


Car Hire in Tasmania

L’il (Tasmanian) devil

It’s the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial. And although it looks nothing like its Looney Tunes namesake, in terms of attitude Warner Bros got it pretty much spot on.

The ‘devil’ was named by early European settlers after they experienced its feisty, cantankerous nature first hand.

Devils were once found across Australia but are now only to be seen on Tasmania. That said, you’re unlikely to bump into one in the wild: they’re nocturnal.

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