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Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Islands, Qld.  Photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Profile – Alex

Alex’s first experience travelling Australia lasted ten months. He’d recommend Melbourne, Fraser Island and investing in a proper sandboard when you visit Kangaroo Island (cardboard just doesn’t cut it).

First impressions (and top tip)?

You don’t want to lug heavy suitcases over Australian distances in Australian heat. So my first impression was – and my top tip is – pack light (i.e. don’t opt for the same suitcase/travel bag combo we did). If you’re hostelling you’ll notice that everyone uses their entire wardrobe in four days. I’d suggest doing the same.

My Australia

It’s scale. The place is vast in a way you still can’t quite get your head around, even when you’ve lived there. There’s something startling about starting a coach journey and knowing you’ll be spending at least one night on board.

Work experience?

I’ve been a grapepicker on the Victoria/NSW border. I worked in a winery packing plant. And I spent a fairly grim few weeks selling (or not selling) raffle tickets in shopping centres around Brisbane.

Don’t think you’re going to walk into a job. You need to have done your research and you need a bit of luck. I didn’t really have either which is one of the reasons this site exists. If you’re looking for jobs while travelling Australia, make a start here.

Scariest moment?

We took a wrong turn on Fraser Island and ended up on a track we’d been told to avoid as the insurance company wouldn’t cover us. The last ferry back to the mainland was an hour away and we had some serious ground to cover.

The 4x4 bounced and banged into potholes and over tree roots. We felt as if we were about to topple over. I wasn’t sure whether I was more scared of the repair bill or of ending up in a ditch. We made the ferry though…

And finally…

Watch for the waves. When you’re travelling Australia’s more remote areas you rarely see other vehicles. When you do the driver will often give you a cheery wave. After hours of nothingness it’s a big deal.


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