Getting in... and getting out!

Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tas.  Photo credit: Rob Burnett/Tourism Tasmania. All rights reserved

Your passport

It’s not simply a question of getting in. Your passport needs to be valid for the whole of your stay in Australia.

You won’t be allowed entry if your passport is due to expire before you’re due to leave. Sounds like an obvious thing to say, but it’s easily forgotten when you’re planning a long or open-ended stay.

You can apply for your passport, renew it, or order a replacement for one that’s disappeared down the sofa here on the Home Office website.


Make copies
Make copies of your passport (and all your other essential documents) in case the originals are stolen.  It’s also worth having copies held electronically so if the worst happens you are able to access all your details at the nearest internet cafe.

Get a spare set of passport sized photos taken too in case you need them in an emergency. Store them safely in a separate place to the originals!


Getting in and out of Australia

What to do if you lose your passport


1.  Don’t panic.

2. Report the loss (or theft) to the police. They’ll give you a report which you can then use to…

3.    …Get a new or emergency passport issued by the British Consulate or High Commission. You’ll find them in all the state capitals.

4.    Visa stolen too? Find out how to get a new visa

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