Student Cards

What are ISIC and IYIC student cards?

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Student Cards

International Student Identity Card and Youth Identity Card. Prove your age without taking your passport everywhere you go.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is issued in 120 countries around the world. It entitles you to discounts in Australia and across the globe, and is a much safer way of proving your age than taking your passport with you on a night out. It’s cheaper to replace if it goes missing too.

How do I get an international student ID card?
The ISIC is available to all full-time students who can provide documentary proof of their date of birth and that they’re in education.

If your home country is one of the 120 that issues the card (the UK is one of them) you can apply for it at home. If not, or if you don’t get chance to apply before you leave, you can get one in Australia for around $25 AUD.

ID cards for non-students
The International Youth Identity Card (IYIC) offers the same discounts as the ISIC and is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. In Australia it’s available to adults who are 30 or under, but different countries have different upper age limits (the UK’s is 26 and under). So, if you’re aged 27-30 and travelling from the UK, you’ll still be able to get the card – just wait until you reach Australia.

You can find out more about the ISIC and IYIC here.

Student Edge Card
If you’re a student but don’t need your card for ID purposes, apply for a Student Edge Card instead. You have to be in Australia to receive the card, but once you have an address you can apply online here. By becoming a member you’ll be able to access discounts and deals, and apprenticeships, competitions and jobs in Australia.


Book Youth Hostels In Australia

The Youth Hostel Association (YHA) is part of Hostelling International (HI). It’s a charity committed to providing safe and clean budget accommodation for backpackers.

There are over 100 youth hostels in Australia (and some 4000 worldwide). If you become a HI or YHA member you’ll be entitled to lower hostel rates than non-members, and other discounts. Bear in mind that some HI hostels only accommodate members.

You can only buy a YHA membership from your country of residence. The YHA offers cheaper memberships for 26-and-unders, or you can buy a lifetime membership (in the UK).

Buy an HI membership from any HI or YHA office before you leave, or buy an international membership when you arrive at a HI hostel outside your country of residence.

Find out more about Hostelling International  here.

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