Travel Insurance

So, do you really need travel insurance?

Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Islands, Qld.  Photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Travel insurance

You’re fit. You’re healthy. And doesn’t Australia have a reciprocal health agreement with the UK? So do you really need travel insurance? In a word, yes you do.

The UK does have a reciprocal health agreement with Australia which operates under the Medicare scheme but that only covers essential treatment. If you break your leg and need hospitalisation, the agreement will cover you provided you have proof of your UK residence (passport, NHS medical card or UK driving licence).

The agreement doesn’t cover non-essential or routine treatments, though. Without insurance you’ll have to pay for treatment at most doctors’ surgeries, for prescribed medicines, ambulance travel and dental treatment. And should your condition be serious enough to require you to be brought back to the UK you’ll need to pay for that too.

You’ll need to enrol on the Medicare scheme if you plan to stay on a Working Holiday Visa.  You can enrol at any DHS Service Centre and you will need your passport and a valid visa.

Buy The Right Travel Insurance

Make sure your insurance will allow you to make changes while you’re away – so when the opportunity arises to do something unexpected, you can make sure you’re covered.

Getting extreme? Most insurances don’t automatically cover you for doing anything daring. So if you’re scuba diving, bungee jumping, motorbiking, rafting, parasailing or doing anything else that would make your mum nervous, make sure you’re covered.

Away for a while? Make sure your insurance covers you for the full duration of your stay.

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