Dubai.  Photo credit:  “Dubai Skyline on 10 January 2008” by Imre Solt via Wikimedia Commons

Stopovers to Australia: Dubai

The world’s most popular non-US shopping destination is ready to melt your credit card. But there’s more to take away from Dubai than shopping bags.

It’s not so long ago that Dubai was a fishing village with big ambitions. Today it’s a juggernaut of consumerism and home to the world’s tallest building, great dining, wildlife, and evocative desert tours.


Stopover in Dubai

Stopover in Dubai

Image credit: “Dubai Skyline on 10 January 2008” by Imre Solt via Wikimedia Commons

Will I need a visa?
Not in advance, provided you’re from any of the countries listed here. You’ll be given one free upon your arrival in the UAE.

What vaccinations will I need?
Check with your GP eight weeks prior to departure to ensure your standard UK vaccinations (diphtheria, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus and TB) are all up to date.

Additional recommendations: Hepatitis A
Consider: Typhoid, and hepatitis B

Best time to visit Dubai?
Visit between January and April, when temperatures are cooler – usually between 10°C and 30°C.



Whilst in Dubai you must see...

Burj Al Arab
Sometimes there’s a difference between must see and must love. The Burj is a classic example.

The world’s tallest building is an ostentatious shrine to excess. Say you’ve seen it. If you feel the need, dine in one of its pricey restaurants (although there’s better food for far less elsewhere in the city).

And if you can’t stretch to the price of a room, console yourself that it’s prettier on the outside.

Break up your long-haul journey with a stopover

Which Way Down

Break up your long haul journey with a stopover

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