Beijing. Photo credit: “Forbidden City1” by Allen Timothy Chang (張華倫) (Allentchang) at en.wikipedia

Stopovers to Australia: Beijing

On your stopover flight to Australia, visit a city of contrasts and culture, grandeur and history.

Nowhere does ‘big’ quite like Beijing: the world’s largest palace complex (the Forbidden City), the Great Wall, the world’s largest square (Tiananmen) and the imposing Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium. Yet it’s in the contrasts that Beijing comes alive.

The markets, eateries and parks are where you’ll get a more intimate and personal feel for China.


Beijing China - the Forbidden City

Beijing China – the Forbidden City

Image credit: “Forbidden City1” by Allen Timothy Chang (張華倫) (Allentchang) at en.wikipedia.

Do I need a visa for Beijing?
Yes – you can apply online, at the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre, or by post.
Take care to use an authentic source.  Some travel agents will charge you a nominal fee for their visa service.

What vaccinations do I need for Beijing?
Check with your GP eight weeks prior to departure to ensure your standard UK vaccinations (diphtheria, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus and TB) are all up to date. Have boosters if necessary.

Additional recommendations: Typhoid and Hepatitis A

Best time to visit Beijing?
September to October, when the temperature is around 22°C.

Spring temperatures can vary dramatically between day and night and strong winds can cause sandstorms. Summer is rainy and hot (between 30°- 40°C); winter can be really cold, dry and long, with temperatures as low as -20°C.

Whilst in Beijing you must see...

The Great Wall

There are two fine sections of the Great Wall relatively close to Beijing. Badalang and Mutianyu sections are both reachable by bus, both are around 70km from the city, and both give you the ‘essence of Great Wall’ experience in a single visit.

They can be extremely busy, but as you’re on a stopover you may struggle to reach the less touristy areas.

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