Queensland's Islands

Lady Elliot Island, Qld.  Photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Queensland’s Islands

A million miles away from civilisation, or a couple of feet from the spa, bar and restaurant. With this many islands there’s something for everyone.


There are dozens of islands dotted along the Queensland coast. Each of them offers the chance to escape, to snorkel in crystal waters or explore rainforest. Or you can ignore the natural world entirely in favour of indulgent luxury.

Most islands offer the same activities (to varying degrees of exclusivity), so don’t feel the need to visit every single one. Undecided? Choose the one closest to your location. For example, Fitzroy Island and Green Island are fairly close to Cairns, whereas Magnetic is practically a stone’s throw away from Townsville.

Take your pick from the Tropical North Islands, Whitsundays, Fraser Island and the Southern Great Barrier Reef Islands.


5 Island Life Favourites


It’s not like this in Wolverhampton…

1. Want to see the sights? Take a guided jet-ski tour.

2. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

3. Depending on the island and time of year, go in search of loggerhead turtles, humpback whales and manta rays.

4. Look up. Enjoy starlit nights like never before.

5. Fine cuisine. Spa indulgence. And views all the way to the horizon. Some island resorts offer incredible levels of luxury.

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